Climate Change Protestors Part 2

Climate Change Protesters from Robert Phillips on Vimeo.

Robert Phillips
again on this morning’s events.

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7 thoughts on “Climate Change Protestors Part 2

  1. Cracking post. First class response.


  2. So which of your “monsters-of-capitalism” clients are they sour-faced about? Enquiring minds want to know…

    I remember eons ago, when I was a city trader, one of those “eat the rich” marches. We watched them from the roof terrace drinking champagne which, as I recall, irked Bill Rozzer even more than the protesters…


  3. The client is E.ON, who want to build the first new coal-fired power station in 30 years. Very bad idea for the climate.

    As for the protest… Hmmn. Stay on a roof and be seen and heard by thousands of people and get on the BBC in the same article as Robert Redford no less:

    Or have a one to one conversation with a PR professional that won’t make any difference to the corporate brief they are working to. Which would you choose to get your point across???


  4. Debbie you have low expectations. The Orangutan protest a few months ago was funny and peaceful and got huge coverage. It got the message across and made people smile. This got very little coverage (actually the protest was subsumed by Redford not highlighted by him) but did manage to take about a dozen police off their duty as well as other emergency services. The two who broke in had absolutely nothing to say when confronted and just kept screeching over their rape alarms. In PR terms this scored about 3 out of 10.


  5. Yes David, it didn’t get much media coverage. To be fair these individuals aren’t in a large organisation like Greenpeace yet I believe what they have done is pin holed the broadening of these discourses, even if only among the growing climate activist communities for the time being.


  6. Hingrid. Interesting perspective and you may well be right on that thank-you. However as far as I could see ‘discourse’ was not what they were about here. It’s difficult to talk above rape alarms and with people who shout at you from behind masks and sit on your roof. And because they got so little publicity noone else outside the movement was doing that much talking about them. I take you point also on the scale of the organisation though.


  7. Even as a kid, constantly surrounded by hordes of young agitprop student peers, I’ve always been cynical about protesters. Their need to make a noise always seemed to precede the actual cause in question.

    Like it says in The Bible, “All Is Vanity”.


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