Climate Change Protestors

Edelman’s London office just got attacked by shouting, alarm wielding protestors. Here’s a cross post from Edelman’s UK CEO Robert Phillips.

“I have spent most of this morning dealing with a small but noisy group of Climate Change protesters, who are on the roof outside our offices and two of whom forced their way into the building and intimidated staff.

I have offered to sit down and have a conversation with them – it is a real shame they will not listen and will not accept that we are genuinely sympathetic to their concerns. But, as one of them bellowed at me – ‘we are not interested in talking to you – we just want to shout about it’.

Shouting, as we know. doesn’t get anyone very far these days. More annoyingly, six people have tied up the resources of about a dozen police officers; two fire crews and two ambulances through their antics. Our Emergency Services, quite frankly, have better things to do than wait upon the stunts of a selfish few who – when offered the chance for dialogue – simply refuse.

Interestingly, passers-by whom they are stopping seem to feel the same way”.

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