Boris not boring

To say that Boris Johnson, the new Mayor of London, is not my political ‘cup of tea’ is to put it mildy. But time after time I have to admit to enjoying his communication style. His latest plaintive wail on behalf of air passengers should endear him to anyone who has suffered the unnecesary late night wait for their luggage at London’s ridiculous airports. Few though would have described the scene as eloquently:

“Across the vast neon-lit Hades were knots and clumps of dejected humanity. Some sat and stared at the barren carousels; some tried to cheer themselves up by pretending to be their own missing luggage, sitting on the conveyor belts and taking pictures of each other with their mobile phones.

Every so often a Pyongyang-style announcement would come over the loudspeaker, proclaiming that the baggage of this or that flight would be making an appearance “shortly”.

Time will tell if he can lead and organise as well as he can write and communicate though the inital signs are mixed to say the least (I for one believe that running big organisations is a learned skill and cannot simply be delegated which appears to be his principal approach). But he is an object lesson in expression for the legions of dull career politicians who spout PowerPoint policy and expect us to listen to them.

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