Democratisation of the job interview?

Career reviews and job interviews are usually run on the terms of the company or employer because they have all the pertinent data. Not any more. This story in the Times drew my attention to which promises an “inside look at companies from those that know them best”, the employees. It has reviews of companies, their management structures, leaders and perks and salaries (just US at the moment). This is the sort of information usually difficult for people to get hold of before they join and even when they are with them firm. Edelman is in, via just six employees or (ex employees) so far and scores 3.7 out of 5 and Richard gets an impressive 83% approval rating. You just have to love how all this stuff keeps turning the old world up-side down don’t you?

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2 thoughts on “Democratisation of the job interview?

  1. My only concern is that disgruntled current or ex-employees are more likely to contribute to a site like that than most.

    Agree though, it’s very interesting.


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