London 2012 now it’s our turn

A great Olympics for Britain all-in-all. 4th in the medal table and finishing off with Leona, Jimmy and Becks. Nice. Now it’s our turn.

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2 thoughts on “London 2012 now it’s our turn

  1. the free handover party in the mall this afternoon was totally brilliant! and it has to be said that once the union jack got added to the logo, it looks pretty good, t-shirts, pins of the updated logo were selling like proverbial hot cakes…

    uploaded afternoon’s pix to flickr

    Lunch with Londonist's sandwich correspondent


  2. It’s a great logo. I have my version of the full launch story in the book by the way. And the lesson is that the crowd is not always right and sometimes you have to know when to stick to your guns.


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