It Lives!

My first review copy of Crowd Surfing arrived yesterday. I will get a few more in the next few days in case anyone is desperate to review it. Volunteer in the comments. First come first served.

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18 thoughts on “It Lives!

  1. Hey David, congrats with the book, been looking forward to it after Steve talked about it (and his Blue Monster story). Definitely a volunteer 😉


  2. David happy to volunteer 🙂


  3. Very cool- can’t wait to read it! Is pre-order available on Amazon’s US site as well?


  4. Very interested and excited to read! I’ll happily volunteer and share with the Atlanta office.


  5. signed copy en route? 🙂


  6. All above noted and we will despatch copies by snail mail.

    Amanda it’s just on Amazon UK at the moment but you can order a copy to be mailed. However, Ill just send you a review copy instead.


  7. I’d be up for some distilled Brain(s). Although by now you have presumably run out of freebies so I’ll make my contribution to your retirement fund like everybody else!


  8. Congrats David ! You have an additional volunteer, and the first from France ! 🙂


  9. Congratulations, David? Am I too late? This Yank is happy to serve as a volunteer as well.


  10. It looks great and if you have a copy left I’d be happy to review it!


  11. David, that would be awesome. Send to our Edelman Digital Chicago office. I’ll read/review it and share with our team here.


  12. I’d love to review if any copies left?


  13. Ditto. And very well done.


  14. Hi,

    Had a word with the publisher, who should be sending over a review copy. I will post a review as soon as I can. Looking forward to the read.


  15. Having worked for David Brain it is no surprise that this book came to be written. David has long had an interest in where the internet will take the marketing and communications industry and how it will shape the future of many businesses.

    David’s firm, Edelman, is an early adopter of all things web 2.0 and, despite making a few mistakes in the past, it has also been responsible for a lot of the best practice that has shaped the development of online engagement. Having seen both saint and sinner at Edelman, David is well qualified to co-author this book and it’s to his credit that he and Martin have done so in such an accessible way.

    Crowd Surfing is going to be a huge disappointment to anyone looking for a crowd engagement blueprint to follow. This is a good thing: the ‘me too’ crowd will not be much use to the healthy development of this communications discipline. Those looking for something engaging which will add to or challenge their thinking, or simply help them begin to make sense of all the online noise, will find it a satisfying read.

    Brain and Thomas know their stuff and it’s nice to read about a subject where the authors are clearly up to their elbows in it.

    There are numerous examples of good and bad customer engagement here which give the uninitiated plenty of evidence to consider and there are some nice anecdotes from the experiences of many household names. What Brain and Thomas show is that for those with a pragmatic and flexible approach the theoretical accessibility of online engagement can be as easy as the technological accessibility.

    Crowd Surfing wisely offers no totemic thesis: to do so goes against the grain of the subject matter. What it shows is that the same principles which deliver first class offline communications, (trustworthiness, transparency, responsiveness and diligence) also deliver excellent online communications. As a companion to web 2.0 engagement Crowd Surfing is thought-provoking without being doctrinal, accessible without being simplistic and offers a unique and engaging insight for the inexperienced.


  16. Congratulations, David. Hope to receive here in Spain. I’ll contacto Octavio or Blanca. Thanks and all the luck!!


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