Crowd Surfing launch party

Martin Thomas and I launched Crowd Surfing last Thursday at the Groucho, the club in which the idea was conceived just over a year ago. We had a nice crowd, some of whom you may recognise in the attached video of me banging on about the book (unfortunately the sound crapped out for Martin’s wiser words…apologies). Thanks to Stuart Bruce, Stephen Davies (the man who got me into blogging), Anthony Mayfield (who has just published an e-book), Simon Collister, Amelia Torode, Danny Rogers, Colin Byrne, Robert Phillips and Dominic Campbell amongst others for making the trip . . your support and encouragment is greatly appreciated thank-you. We are both on the speaker circuit with it now and will be inflicting ourselves on the sensibilities of people in Holland, Spain, Irleand, Poland, Sweden and Germany in the coming weeks and if Richard manages to get it published in the US, then there too.
Book launch from David Brain on Vimeo.

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7 thoughts on “Crowd Surfing launch party

  1. Thanks for inviting me and best of luck with the tour.


  2. Nice party, you look in good shape ! Well, I thought a frenchie got you into blogging, not a Brit…:)


  3. Good luck with the book and Manchester City FC – it seems there are good times ahead for both.


  4. One of the most readable books about marketing i have read for a long time. Nice one mate.


  5. Guillaume…it is true . . it was you also. Frenchie and Geordie!


  6. just had an awesome time dialing into #teatimeKL with @kurrik to discuss the Twitter API – huge thanks to @nazroll for putting it together!


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