President Medvedev’s video blog

President Medvedev of Russia has launched a video blog. Given Russian views of western media coverage of their recent Georgian issue it is probably to be expected and all the benefits of direct communication at home and abroad will accrue to him. I’m not saying it will balance the prevailing international media take, but he now has his own direct channel and I bet it picks up loads of media links as that and other stories develop. It will be interesting to watch. Olga Rasulova in Edelman Imageland Moscow says:

As I’ve reviewed before president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev is very advanced internet user and as he remarked at Russian Internet Forum ”every government official must have a PC with Internet access and s/he has to be a high-grade Runet and Internet user. Only in that case s/he will be able to acquire all necessary skills for communication in the informational environment.”

And now he starts a new form of online communication – videoblog on the official presidential site. In his first video speech Medvedev announced international conference on geopolitics, that will take place in Evian, France, and promised to cover there the problem of European security.

As says these video blog will be relulary updated. I think it’s a great PR step that shows our president as an open and more available for people leader. We can only hope that such video speeches will be in English, too.

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