Peter Schiff is my hero

Hat tip to Anthony Mayfield for this one. I have already ranted on economists and pundits here, but just listen to these ‘wise men’ who presumably were paid and still are for their ‘expertise’. Here’s the background on ‘doom-monger’ Peter Schiff.

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3 thoughts on “Peter Schiff is my hero

  1. Peter Schiff = legend.

    There are actually other videos on YouTube of so-called experts laughing in the face of Mr Schiff also. But he was right.

    He was wrong on one thing though – he warned everyone to sell the dollar and buy foreign currency but that, just like the dollar, has fallen too. Can’t get ’em all right I suppose.


  2. Also it’s fair to say that the editor of Money Week over here in the UK, Merryn Somerset-Webb, has been calling this for years now too.


  3. Schiff’s book is great and I still have to write a review for it since the publisher sent me a copy.


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