Crowd Surfing reviews

A selection of comments about the book. More coming in from Holland, Sweden and around and about soon. Still a few left that my mum’s not bought and soon to be available in Korean apparently (so that will be worth the wait).

Daily Mail
“Lots of fascinating anecdotes and straightforward, intelligent writing. It might not be on the reading list for business school students, smart ones will read it anyway.”

Marketing Age
“It’s short, sharp, thought-provoking and engages the inexperienced … This book is a superb read and gives us brilliant initiatives that can be easily implemented.”

Colin Byrne, CEO, Weber-Shandwick

“I can strongly advocate the book. Well researched, highly readable and a timely contribution to the debate on the future of marketing.”

PR Studies
“successfully describes a big topic: how to cope with chaos. It’s an excellent and intelligent commentary on what’s changing and where we’re going.”

Modern Marketing
“the perfect read for busy executives who need a succinct update and networked media and its affect on marketing and business. All delivered in a refreshing ‘let’s not get too carried away’ tone.’

Behind the Buzz
“a lot of great analysis and commentary that bring the ideas to life. It never tells you what to do, but gives you a lot of things to think about it. Well worth it.”

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