Really real

Its seems that about the only thing that can put large numbers of the British public on their couches in front of the TV at one time are shows that we have some control over. 12.8 million (including yours truly and family) watched X Factor on Saturday night, with almost as impressive numbers watching and voting on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and of course, the brilliantly audience hi-jacked Strictly Come Dancing. Sport and News ocassionally succeed too, but generally now unless we are voting folk on or off, the TV viewing numbers continue to head south. I wonder if this is why there was such a big fuss over Britney Spears’ performance on X Factor? She broke the spell and took us back to the old command and control days because not only could we not vote her off, as we might well have done, but she was obviously miming (watch the video above and tell me that was not the Milli Vanilli performance of the year). Does she not understand that we now demand REALITY rather than slick and cynical professionalism? And unlike previous celebrity guests to the show, she did not demean herself by coaching our wannabe stars who WE have invested weeks in getting to this stage with frantic text voting. Performance may be the currency of MTV, but ‘reality’ is the only thing that counts on British TV on a cold, wet, winter, weekend night. She was badly advised.

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1 thought on “Really real

  1. Very true words, David…someone had also clearly briefed her that all she needed to say to safely navigate the post-performance interview was that it was ‘awesome’ to be in London…and that the contestants were also ‘awesome’…unfortunately not a word you could use to describe any aspect of her own efforts.


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