Online vomit and other things in digital China

My colleague Adam Schokora who leads our brilliant digital team in China, just posted this interview with Ping Ke, a journalist and the voice behind the very-well-known-in-China, podcast series, where he talks about, “the influence of internet memes on the general public, diversity of online expression, democratic debate, rational voices, vomit, and hope for change in the future”. It’s a really quick and interesting glimpse into one of the world’s most exciting online markets.

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1 thought on “Online vomit and other things in digital China

  1. Loved this and am grateful to have been introduced to the concept of *Netizen* (which Wikipedia tells me is especially big in China) but I think will be a big issue for us all:

    – in the ‘cultural wars’ in the USA (left/right; gay/straight etc)
    – the negative rise of identity politics which your 2009 Outlook guests highlighted (v. impressive line-up BTW).

    Perhaps it is because I am physically displaced from my home country (and almsost never go there), but I feel less and less a sense of belonging to it and more to my online communities.


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