Davos day five

Am on my way out of here to Stockholm to present the Swedish data from the Trust Barometer. Nice sum up of Davos here by David Smith of The Times. My sum up below in the form of some of my tweets from the various sessions:

“Boring is good” in financial markets, Chairman of Lloyds of London
“When you can put zero down and buy a house, it’s a ponzi economy”
“Central banks used to be the lenders of last resort, now they are the lenders of first and only resort”
“China has kept the US in the style to which it should never have become accustomed”, Trevor Manuel
“Government intervention in the markets is vital, but will they know when to pull back”
“All of us are in the same boat”, Vladimir Putin
“Social computing is human interaction in a digital environment”, Michael Arrington
“Voyeurgasm is getting pleasure out of other people getting access and insight into your personal life”
“You can’t be a CEO of a high tech company without being an entrepreneur”, Craig Barrett, Intel
“We bankers did not create the bubbles, but we did finance the bubbles”, Chairman of Rabo Bank
“The world can only end once and this is not it”, Steve Forbes
“Confidence grows at the rate a coconut tree grows but falls at the rate a coconut falls”, Mr Ahluwalia
“Unfortunately markets do not crash upwards”
“Last year we didn’t know where we were either, but we thought we did so we felt better about it”, Peter Sands, Standard Chartered Bank
“A crisis is a terrible thing to waste”

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