Christmas is coming because….

Starbucks have their Christmas cups in….one of the nicer new seasonal traditions in my view. They are a client, but I would have said this anyway…..honest.

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3 thoughts on “Christmas is coming because….

  1. I know what you mean. Good to see that they have brought back eggnog latte this year, rather than last years FUBAR.

    Secondly, I found the (RED) message a bit muddled amongst the Christmas message. Certainly something that you can help them improve upon and refine.

    Finally it was good to see the Starbucks UK MD is actively engaging consumers on Twitter.


  2. Just had one of Starbucks’ new Cheddar and Christmas Pickle sandwiches. Very good (and I have no interest to declare, other than liking Wallace and Gromit)


  3. I love Starbucks (yes, they are a client, but I liked them befor I even joined Edelman)! The red cups are fun, we’ve had them since yesterday in the stores together with all the other Christmas goodies. No eggnogg latte in Germany, though.


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