How do you react to Thierry Henry’s obvious handball (x2) against Ireland in the World Cup qualifier last night? The British and Irish media are (understandably?) hysterical, the French are embarrassed and FIFA are not going to win whatever they say. There are mashups galore on the subject. Some suggest Henry’s marketability will be damaged, though I am not so sure. I was surprised the English media took up the Irish cause so strongly as I don’t remember the Irish doing the same at the “hand of god” incident. My take is simply that sport still matters. War by other means maybe?

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2 thoughts on “Cheating

  1. Being an Irish supporter, I don’t blame Henry at all, the guy has done as much as can be expected of him. If anything he has come out of this better than he went in, showing himself to be human and straight forward.

    The problem FIFA has is that this incident isn’t considered isolated and it has been mired in controversy before this.

    It will affect enthusiasm for world cup sponsorship programmes and media consumption by the Irish diaspora. For instance, what will Coca-Cola do in Ireland this summer? It could be seen to be insensitive to lead on its involvement in the world cup.


  2. Ged,

    this sort of thing has been going on for years though…why such a fuss this time? I wonder what is the most unfair incident or example of ‘successful’ cheating in sport ever?


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