Edelman Digital Visions

Digital Visions – Ten Ideas for the New Decade.

Some navel gazing stuff from some of our clever digital folk.

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5 thoughts on “Edelman Digital Visions

  1. I’ve just read it. The team that put this document together have avoided the hype-trap and instead produced something that illuminates the digital world. Congratulations, it is impressive useful stuff!


  2. thanks Paul, they will be chuffed to hear that


  3. It is good (‘the data decade’ resonates). But it’s a shame to read that the Observer has closed (p12). If you only read Twitter and Facebook you might assume that to be the case. But not everything you read is true and not every prediction comes to pass.


  4. Richard…..oooops!


  5. The fact that the Sunday Observer survives speaks to the message the authors wished to convey – so it was a silly own goal. Well spotted, Richard.


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