Downfall…a story of technology analyst relations at Edelman

Jonny Bentwood’s Downfall tribute to his own life as an Edelman AR guy. Top stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Downfall…a story of technology analyst relations at Edelman

  1. genius! have had this open in my browser all weekend to watch it and it didn’t disappoint.


  2. Great final line. I still remember working for a small software company years ago that had a quite strong product, but despite numerous briefings we never even got a mention from the Gartner analyst. We finally got so frustrated we asked point blank why we were omitted from the blessed ‘Magic Quadrant’. He responded, “Well, it doesn’t help that you don’t subscribe to any Gartner services.” So that day, we subscribed to a service we could barely afford and the next report showed us prominently in on the matrix. Magic!


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