Guest Blog – Iain Twine, Edelman, Abu Dhabi

Despite a massive sand storm today, usually I wake up to a sunny day here in Abu Dhabi. I roll out of bed, read The National (the UAE’s successful attempt to build a high quality broadsheet), and then contemplate the day ahead. The view from my villa of the Arabian Gulf always draws a smile as I remember my shoebox apartment next to the tube in London.

My day generally evolves around dealing with some of the biggest and most interesting clients in the Middle East. Whether it be advising on the comm’s strategy for 2010 for the Abu Dhabi grand prix, announcing a global joint venture for Mubadala, or working out a social media strategy for a smart phone client my days are varied, challenging and constantly on the move.

I might not be able to enjoy some of the things we take for granted in Europe, but, playing golf every weekend, tanning my freckled body, or skiing in Beirut is not a bad compensation. Talking of compensation – everything you earn is yours – no income tax.

We are looking for AM, SAM, and AD’s to come and join us. If the excitement of a successful, young and fun start up and the protection of a big agency in the Middle East sounds interesting than drop me a line ( We are actively looking now for up to 5 people, to join a team of 14.

Just try and remember the last time you went for a swim at the beach before you went to work.

I can, it was this morning.

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