New day, new year, new job, new post

This is the first working day in my new job as CEO of Edelman Asia Pacific. One good thing about starting this on the New Zealand edge of Asia Pacific is that time zones mean a leisurely mid morning start sees my emails hitting the inboxes of clients and colleagues obscenely early for those in Asia or obscenely late for Europeans and Americans. Either way an aura of ‘ahead of the game’ smugness is difficult to avoid. And I haven’t.

So my new year will see a lot of travel to places I have not spent much time in for over a decade. And new colleagues and new clients. Consequently I intend to kick the blogging off again as I had let it drop as Twitter seemed to take over. But I hope that all these new things will give me some content again as like many people, blogging had sort of done it’s dash for me after three and a half years.

In the meantime, here is where I have been staying while Europe and some bits of the US freeze – the land legend says was hauled from the ocean like a fish.

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5 thoughts on “New day, new year, new job, new post

  1. Welcome to the region David!


  2. Great to hear! I am sure I will see you soon in 2011. I too have started up the blog fires again. How retro.


  3. Look forward to reading the posts mate. My five week Southeast Asia trip is coming to an end now (writing this from Bangkok) but I’ll be back out to see more of this great place.


  4. Glad to hear. Currently enjoying the baltic temperature (for here) of 13 celsius in Shenzhen, so a bit jealous of the pristine sea and sunset on the New Zealand tourist board site!


  5. Hi David. Was able to wish you luck in London before the snow shut down the city. :-). But anyway, best of luck again. Hope the transition is going well.


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