Trust in Indonesia

The trust climate in Indonesia remains very bright.  Business is trusted by 78% to ‘do what is right’, the highest figure in the world and a remarkably consistent one over the years of the study. Similarly, at 80%, trust in media is also the highest in the world (only China comes near), though trust in NGOs did drop a little to 53% a comparatively modest global score and trust in government has now dropped to global norms of around 40%.

For business, things are very much brighter.  Interestingly banks are the second most trusted sector scoring an amazing 86%, given their global score is just 47% after the financial crisis and the European euro crisis.  Banks and financial services in much of the region have escaped this contagion although brewing and spirits at 59% regionally and 27% in Indonesia is the least trusted sector.  Work to be done by that industry for sure.

But media is highly trusted at 80% and within that, at 44%, traditional media was cited as the most credible source of information.

More here from Chadd McLisky Chairman of IndoPacific Edelman:


And here’s the deck:


About the Study

The 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer includes responses from over 30,000 people across 25 countries. The survey, which is in its 12th year, now also includes responses from 1000 general publics (as distinguished from informed publics) in each surveyed market. Steve Lombardo, the CEO of StrategyOne – Edelman’s Independent Research Firm – explains in this video how the 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer was designed, and the opportunities to analyze trust around the world, and across a variety of industries, that the survey data provides.

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