Help wanted – Sara’s leaving us!

Guest post from Sara Donaldson

I’ve handled communications and business development for Edelman Asia Pacific for the past two years, and what a ride it’s been. Edelman is such a sophisticated company, so there is a good deal of quality content to work with. As a marketing person, that makes my job easier and more interesting.

When your client is the biggest PR firm in the world, prides itself on independence, regularly produces the industry’s foremost research and insights to help shape client programming, makes big investments in training and development for its people, and genuinely makes you feel a part of “the family”, your job simply rocks.

Plus working for the esteemed David Brain (I’m not just brown-nosing here!!) is a pleasure. He really makes you think and pushes your creativity and skillset to new levels.

Why might you care? Because I’m relinquishing my role to move back home to the U.S., and my job is up for grabs. Lucky for those of you wanting a gig with a killer client.

A summary of my job description would note that I handle business projects for the firm across the APAC region, ranging from brand development, marketing communications, internal communications, CEO communications and CSR, while also handling new business coordination and executive committee operations. Many of the initiatives a PR pro would execute on the account side, I handle for the firm.

That job description, though, doesn’t fully describe why I love Edelman as a client. My top reasons:

  • I’m able to work with talented people across the network and absorb a lot about the industry along the way. A regular day includes interaction with colleagues from Australia, China, India, Singapore, Japan, New York and London (with 60 offices, I could go on), figuring the best way to craft a story, share best practices, or produce content.
  • I’m always challenged with new assignments, but not totally overloaded with work to where I don’t have a balance with my personal life.
  • I have independence to do my job in a way I think makes the most sense for the business, because the firm encourages an entrepreneurial spirit. But, I always have support when I need it.
  • I get some of the best training in the PR industry and learn an enormous amount on the job.
  • I see a future here. There are various employee programs to help make sure female employees rise in the ranks, just like men do (we call it Global Women’s Executive Network – GWEN), interested staff get a chance to work and travel to different parts of the world (Global Fellows Program), and all of us have a career path to work toward.

I’m looking for the new me here at Edelman, so let me know if you’re interested in hearing more!

Sara Donaldson is Edelman’s Manager of Marketing and Business Development for Asia Pacific. She can be reached at

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