No, THIS is how it feels to be City

Why am I always surprised? Why do they do this to me time after time? Why could we, please, not just win 5-0 with a quick start in key games? Or if we are going to lose just get it over with quickly. But no, the City way is to raise our hopes into expectations (despite our best efforts to pretend we have kept a lid on it) then take us to the edge of despair and at the very last…they win. Well at least these days we seem to. Today in Fergie time which is wonderfully ironic. For those new to this exquisite form of torture here are a few more to prove this really is how ‘it feels to be City’.

I was at this (above) game at Wembley. Until today, it was the most important game in the club’s recent history. We were a couple of minutes away from another season in the third level of English football

I watched the second half of this (above) game though my fingers with increasing amazement. 3-0 down. Down to ten men against a rampant Spurs and…we won.

And as for today’s game (sorry no embed video available just yet, but link above), well, I am so used to it now that I kind of thought we might do something. Even as I recognised the awful rising despair, a part of me just thought ‘here we go again, this is not over’. And so it turned out. Notice the similarity between Aguero’s goal and that of the legendary Paul Dickov by the way.

Now of course, I am blanking out the opposite phenomena of course. The way we used to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The 4-3 loss to United a few seasons ago for example when Michael Owen beat us with a goal 6 minutes into injury time.

Or the dreadful David Pleat dancing across Maine Road on the last day of the season as his Luton Town relegate us.

I flew back for last year’s FA Cup Final, which was also bloody tense, but I had to watch this game from New Zealand. Distance does not insulate you much I have discovered. What a roller-coaster.

And finally (below), the taunt from United fans that has become a kind of badge of honour for us emotionally battered City fans. This is how it feels to be City.

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