Design Royale

Two years ago we began a review of Sydney digital agencies to find a partner company.  We kissed lots of frogs.  But we found our Prince.  And today, to flog the analogy to death, after a long courtship, it’s marriage.  Design Royale and Edelman have agreed terms and signed the deed.  We are one in Australia.  Tonight we are having a bit of a bash for the teams of both firms and then in the next few months we will be ‘moving in together’.  It’s all rather sweet.

For our clients this means they now have access to market leading digital technical and creative skills to go with the PR and social media capability we have always offered here.  Hopefully, Design Royale clients will come to appreciate the broader Edelman offer too.  For the Design Royale teams it means they have 60 great new colleagues in Sydney and Melbourne and over 800+ like minded specialists in Edelman Digital teams and businesses around the world….they are a part of the world’s most global social digital agency within the world’s biggest PR agency.

And for my Edelman Australia colleagues, they too get some new workmates and the ability to grow their careers across traditional PR, social and now a fully fledged digital offer.

We have some good experience of doing this sort of thing.  In London five years ago we bought a great little digital agency called Spook and co-located them in the heart of our London Edelman business.  Spook went from 15 people to about 80 because they were able to add value to Edelman’s London and global client base as well as maintain and develop their own clients and approaches.  I’m confident the same will happen here too.

Here’s the release.

And here’s a sweary video:


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