I’m in the parking business.

The obvious extension of a career in PR really. For the last few months I have been an Advisory Board Member and investor in Parkable, which is a bit like AirBnB for parking spaces.

We have three businesses. Parkable classic matches hosts (people with parking spaces they can rent) with parkers. Hosts might be businesses, churches (whose car parks are often empty six days a week) or residential property owners with empty driveways who want to make some money from their un-used asset. They list the space and it becomes visible via our app to drivers looking to park.

The second product is pretty much the same, but for long-term subscriptions. This tends to be used by people looking to park near their work and who want to guarantee the parking space is assigned to them.

Parkable for Business helps companies optimize their car parking spaces and helps turn a huge employee and customer negative into a much fairer and more efficient experience.

The business, as they say in ‘start-up’ land, is ‘hockey-sticking’ (translation; doing very well) and is on the verge of announcing an international joint venture. This 18-person business is going global!

We have a subsidiary business, Campable, which is a similar idea for campers and renters/owners of Recreational Vehicles (RVs). New Zealand is a camping and RV mecca and so demand for sites to safely and legally park and camp are under huge pressure. Campable, allows owners of private land (and now campsites) to list their property and often a host of added services like showers or breakfast and earn extra money. Our campers and RV drivers, get to stay in some amazing hidden-gem spots on private land and meet some great kiwi hosts along the way.

My role has been pretty hands-on with some of the performance-marketing and communications work, but is also governance and cheerleading. The three founders, Brody, Toby and Warwick have boundless enthusiasm and energy and not a little wisdom. I believe they will win and am trying to help them a little on the way.

I will have one other role to announce soon, in addition to this and The SpinOff, at which point my dance-card will be pretty much full.

*Apologies for the ‘About’ part of this blog which still has me as at Edelman.  I’m not.  WordPress help is on the way.

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