Edelman London Office Tour


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4 thoughts on “Edelman London Office Tour

  1. I’m sure there must be a reason why you shot this film…but it occurs to me that it could be a useful addition to edelmangrads.co.uk (maybe with voiceover added?)


  2. Good point on the grads blog. No big reason for putting it up other than to confirm that behind the scenes at least, all PR firms look similar. In so far as you are concerned, I hope to provide a trip down memory lane Joanna!


  3. Agree with all the above but I can’t believe how packed-in like sardines everyone is now! I guess the office move really can’t come quick enough?

    Good to see Dave Hayward in the early frames: plus ca change, as they say!


  4. Things became much more spacious when we knocked down your executive corner office Olly. I hear you now sit on a box in the corridor mate.


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