French Elections

Candidates in the French elections are using social media heavily. Guillaume Du Gardier , Head of the Online Communications Practice Europe, based in Paris, gives his view on two different approaches.;affiliateId:28584;height:392;width:480;

Nicolas Sarkozy

Ségolène Royal

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4 thoughts on “French Elections

  1. Interesting! Esp the different approach. I just ask myself, if it is a typical left/right thing? That a left one involves people and a right one tries to do something topdown with stickiness and seems-like-involvment?


  2. Maybe, but here in the UK, the traditional party of the left (Labour) looks stiff and control-freaky with their efforts compared to the Conservative party (the traditional party of the right). I think social media comes easier to the party of opposition and for those campaigning (as in France). Once in power, the “conversation” instinct tends to lose out to the “monologue” instinct Ithink.


  3. I just received this helpful note from the French Embassy in the UK. As usual the French are ahead in these things and their embassy staff are obviously monitoring the blogosphere as you would expect any decent representative office to do . . . but which I suspect few do as well as this. Next time guys please just use this comments section to link to your site, but for now I will do it for you.

    On your interesting website, you put information on the French elections.

    We would like to inform you that we have, on the French Embassy website, a lot of useful information on these elections.

    You will perhaps find it useful for your visitors to propose a link to our


    Press and Communication Office
    French Embassy in the United Kingdom
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    London SW1 X7JT
    Tel.: 207 073 1000


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