Michael Deaver on the US Elections

One of the great things about working at this place is the experience and perspective of some of my colleagues. Mike Deaver is Edelman’s Vice Chairman Worldwide based in our Washington office. He’s a regular visitor here and helps us way beyond the call of duty. He’s more famous of course for being Ronald Reagan’s Deputy White House Chief of Staff between 1981 and 1985 and so he knows a thing or two about campaigning. I asked him to give me a quick view on where we are with this campaign and he just sent me this video.


Some Key Points:

– This is the first time since 1924 that no ex President or Vice President is on any ticket
– Mostly, those ahead at this stage either don’t make their party’s nomination or get elected as President
– The role of the internet and new media is the single biggest difference between this election and those past
– Two people, Al Gore and Fred Thompson, who could have a big bearing on this election have not said a word yet – the Tennessee factor
– Quoting Ronald Reagan, quoting Al Jolson he finishes: “Stay tuned, you ain’t seen nothing yet”.

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