The Missing

I interviewed Elle Seymour some weeks ago and continue to see her blog as one of the few in the UK that provides new information based on original research. She actually talks to people and makes calls rather than just commenting on other posts or mainstream media stories. Must be that classic journalistic training. The story of Madeleine McCann (the little English girl abducted whilst on holiday in Portugal) dominates the media here every day and it is one of those stories that is difficult to put into perspective or to know how react to it is so emotional. Elle found a route I’ve not seen any national media here focus on, which is the fact that, terrible though this particular incident is, the generic problem is truly awful and tends to be overlooked.

For the last few days, Elle has posted the stories and pictures of other missing children from around the world. Each is a tragedy and heart rending in its own right and serves to remind us as we watch the daily agony of the McCann family that this is by no means a one-off event. Proper blogging Elle, thanks.

Pic 1

Philip Cairns has been missing for 20 years, but investigations are still ongoing. The 13 year old vanished while walking back to school in south Dublin in October 1986.

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3 thoughts on “The Missing

  1. Hi David, thank you for mentioning this. I have had some interesting comments posted on all these stories, it must be the journalist in me wanting to investigate more cases. One Irish person I met recently described how he remembered this particular case of Philip Cairns, and with an Australian case, the father emailed me to say he was hoping for a “happy” outcome, I’m still waiting for more news on that.

    Radio 5 Live called me yesterday to say they also read my blog and had been following these stories, they were really interested in them too.

    I didn’t realise I was being interviewed, btw, I thought it was just a chat as I was in town.


  2. Interesting. I heard one of the Five Live presenters claiming yesterday that the Madeleine McCann story was the biggest “emotional” story he had seen in this country since the death of Diana.


  3. I didn’t hear that, but all these cases are equally heartbreaking for the families who never given up – even up to 30 years later.


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