Mybloglog and Shake Well Before Use

The little mybloglog widget five boxes down on the right hand side of this blog has become another small source of 2.0 fascination to me. You can’t help but be interested to see who reads your stuff and the bonus with this application is you get a picture of them. Inevitably I click on this and head to my readers’ blogs. Last night I noticed the new-to-me face of Ariel Waldman and went to her blog. It is brilliant. Shake Well Before Use covers “the spectrum of context between art, advertising, sex, and technology”. Well many of us cover to one degree or another the spectrum between art, advertising and technology, but sex! Not a big subject area for too many of my blog network yet I have to confess. This video is a taste of what she offers up:

Update: For the latest on our man up Everest and the art of pissing in bottles go to The Last Man In Europe.

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