A Mountain of Coverage

Thanks to Elle and Neville for spotting the Motorola ‘highest mobile phone and text’ wheeze that Edelman was a part of. As posted a couple of weeks ago, Justin Westcott was our man at base camp and you can read his account of what went on at The Last Man in Europe. The Motoriza Z8 worked perfectly by all accounts as did the traditional media outreach programme which looks to have made a clean sweep of UK publications with more coverage from around the world coming in by the hour. Great Edelman team and a fantastic client for actually doing the stuff most people just talk about doing.

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7 thoughts on “A Mountain of Coverage

  1. I hope the person who dreamed this up gets a bonus, it was a great idea. Now can Motorola help us get better signals for our phones closer to home. We can’t all climb up Everest for a signal.


  2. Didn’t know you guys were doing the PR. Nice work indeed.

    I’m a committed Nokia man myself. That siad, the Z8 is a very cool-looking phone. Tempting…


  3. Elle, not sure the phone manufacturer can do much about the signal strength . . . which network are you with?


  4. Hi Neville,

    As you know I was a user of the Nokia N70 like you, but as it recently gave up the ghost I am now about to start using a MotoRizrZ3. Not quite the Z8 that went up Everest but it has what seems to be a great camera and crucially the sound recording quality seems terrific. i wonder if you will begin to see any difference in my interviews.


  5. Some of the new Motorolas are very nice indeed, David. My wife has a MotoKrzr: very nice although only a 2 megapixel camera. I have a Nokia N73 now which comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera.

    I’ll pay attention to audio quality on your interviews.

    Btw, have you seen the Nokia N95: 5 megapixel camera!


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