AC Milan vs Liverpool

I’m going to persevere with this one. Is there a correlation between use of social media (presumably by fans) and the fortunes of their teams on the field? OK, OK, bear with me, if only because all other forms of punditry and prediction in football are equally as lame. If there is a direct correlation then tonight’s game will be very tight. Liverpool are ahead in search volume, Milan lead in daily twitter traffic (they do love their mobiles in Italy) and there seems to be a draw in news reference volume. So penalties it is again.

Liverpool Red
Milan Blue

Twitter trends

. . . . and if it’s penalties, then it’s down to the two goalkeepers; Dida (Milan) vs Reina (Liverpool). Reina is ahead on all three counts here, so if social media is anything to go by, tonights Champions’ League final will be a draw after full time and Liverpool will win on penalties. But then again, it could be an inverse correlation and Milan might win the shoot-out.

Reina Red
Dida Blue

Twitter trends

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6 thoughts on “AC Milan vs Liverpool

  1. fiorella passoni May 23, 2007 — 4:59 pm

    Dear David, you ask if there a correlation between use of social media (presumably by fans) and the fortunes of their teams on the field and you also believe that if such correlation is right, the game will go to penalties as Liverpool are ahead in search volume and Milan lead in daily twitter traffic.

    My first response, being a real Italian, and also being a football fan is that there will be no penalties tonight; we (italians) believe in destiny, but also
    more…we definetly believe in luck and that is why we will try EVERYTHING to get Lucky tonight….

    This is why AC Milan fans at the moment are not connected to the internet: in fact they are either lighting a candle in church (praying for a fast and easy win) or already meditating, in full silence, on the couch with a nice glass of wine. Interaction will start during the game, with husband yelling, friends chatting and messaging, kids crying and housewives cooking for 20!

    I myself would love to continue this discussion with you, yet the game is only 3 hours away, and my candle is waiting.



  2. Come on the reds!


  3. Stephen I am shocked. Not a Magpie or a Macken? Thought you were a hardy northeasterner not another scally!


  4. Sorry, just got around to reading this. Definitely not a red but if a British team is playing in a Champion’s League final I’m going to go with them regardless of which team it is. Yes, that means I’d still cheer on Man Utd and Chelski. In all other cases I’d want them to lose of course.

    I’m a NUFC fan.


  5. As European CEO you will understand if I have to appear a little more balanced!


  6. Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks


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