I couldn’t help but notice two very different dinosaur stories this week. London’s Royal Academy of Art has ‘The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth, but not the Mineral Rights’, an exhibition by the Dinos and Jake Chapman who claim: “We made the work and then it was sequestered by the RA (Royal Academy) dinosaurs. They had an affinity with it.” They further explained that, “the work’s a fusion of historical gravity with absolute stupidity. It’s a very impoverished rendition of dinosaurs. ”

London's Royal Academy of Art

Meanwhile in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, USA, the Museum of Earth History (motto, ‘Prepare to Believe’) has Adam and Eve peering through the bushes at a vegetarian Tyrannosaurus rex as, “they lived together without fear, for there was no death yet.” This is a museum which aims to counter the ‘point of view’ of the Darwinists by displaying the vision of creationists, that the world was in fact created by god in seven days and the bible’s version of natural history is literal and correct .

Here’s a snippet from the excellent website:

Why Aren’t Dinosaurs in the Bible?

Actually, they are; dinosaurs are mentioned 25 times in the Old Testament. The reason the actual word dinosaur doesn’t appear in the Bible is simple: it did not exist when the Bible was written. The first complete English translation of the Bible appeared in 1380. The word dinosaur is a relatively new word coined by the English anatomist, Richard Owen in 1841, well over 500 years after the Bible had already been translated from Hebrew.

However, the Hebrew word meaning “great lizard” is found throughout the Old Testament, including the creation account.

Dinosaur adventure land

Both ran very effective PR campaigns to publicise their launches, though that and the concept of dinosaur are probably all they had in common.

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