Happy Birthday to me…

This blog is one year old:

Wonder if it will make 2?

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9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me…

  1. Happy birthday … or should that be blogday? Either way congrats!

    I’d be disappointed if it didn’t see its second year. It’s beed saved in my ‘must read’ folder for some time now.


  2. So when’s the party?


  3. Top blog, top man. Long may it continue.


  4. David, congratulations! If marriage has a 7-year itch, blogging has a 1-year one! Well done on getting this far and keep it coming!


  5. How nice of you all. And they say the blogosphere is just full of rudeness. A party . . . how does one hold a social media party.


  6. You could organize a drink on Second Life… I know an island where this could happen…;o)


  7. Yay! Congrats, David! I’ll join that drink!


  8. Thanks octavio. Deal. Next time in Madrid we will do that. See you soon.


  9. happy birthday////////////


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