Cheat Neutral

One of the really off-putting things about single issue activist groups is the strident, hectoring, moral tone many adopt. It has exactly the opposite effect they are hoping for. We run for the hills clasping our hands to our ears screaming for them to stop pontificating. Global warming and the environment have become a home for many of them which is a shame because these are crucial issues. I have no idea if carbon off-setting is a good or bad thing for the environmental cause and that’s not the point of this post. But if the more worthy groups would like an object lesson in getting a message across, watch this video. Cheat Neutral is pure communications genius. If this doesn’t win a host of PR awards this year then judging committees should hang their heads in shame.

Hat tip to Ben Russell for this.

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3 thoughts on “Cheat Neutral

  1. This is excellent! Thank you.


  2. A wonderful send-up. But the boys have drunk the kool-aid. Pass it forward with incentives not by force if you buy the McScience


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