8,947 words

My blog started as a video blog only and the name was coined because I guessed that people would only be interested in watching or listening for about a minute. When I started writing posts, I decided that they too would be kept to what I thought was your maximum attention span (i.e. about 300 words, which I calculated also took about a minute). Vainly, I ascribed this to attention deficit disorder, or in other words, it was your fault dear viewer/reader for not being able to concentrate for longer periods of time. Having just read Stephen Fry’s second post on his brilliant new blog (which is 8,947 words long and would take 29.82 minutes to read at the 300 words a minute rate), I now realise that 60 seconds is about all I deserve and it is not your fault that I am thus restricted, but mine for being crap. If I could write like him I would hold you longer and this blog might be called 30 minute view. Stephen Fry is proving that long posts are possible, because if you have the quality, people will still pay attention.

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4 thoughts on “8,947 words

  1. You said it…but I’ll still “devote” at least 60 seconds to you!!


  2. Actually, I just printed it up and took it home over the holiday yesterday- I love Stephen Fry’s literary-grade blog posts, but so much text to read on the screen straight through was a bit much- and that is more of a “will my eyes start to bleed?” issue rather than a mere matter of attention span.



  3. It saw me through a round of Pret sandwiches, a packet of crisps and Diet Pepsi


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