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I could not resist running the Poll of the Day Application on Facebook. It’s fascinating to see the results come in in real time. I chose the standard Edelman Trust question (who do you trust to “do the right thing”?) and as you can see below and within a couple of hours had my results for the princely sum of $100. Obviously, paying people to respond and restricting your universe to Facebook users are two pretty big filters, but none-the-less the speed and simplicity of this are attractive.

The results were pretty consistent with our ‘real’ opinion formers poll with the exception of the very high score for NGO’s which I guess can be attributed to the fact NGOs are very active on-line and on Facebook and that Facebookers are probably disproportionately NGO sympathetic and active.

Here’s the full poll link: http://www.facebook.com/polls.php?poll_id=19487930232

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1 thought on “Facebook Polls

  1. Very cool idea David. I tried to click through to the results page on FB but the link is broken – i suspect it might be personal to you?
    Could you give us a better image if we can’t see it on FB?


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