Four Candles

The original hand-written script for one of British TV’s classic comedy sketches just sold for £48,000. The Two Ronnies may have passed comparatively un-noticed by those not of these shores, but for us Brits they remain comedy gods. Whoever bought this got a bargain.

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6 thoughts on “Four Candles

  1. Absolute genius – a bargain indeed. Have you read “And it’s goodnight from him…”, the autobiography of The Two Ronnies by Ronnie Corbett? It’s lovely – very touching and funny. The two of them hardly had a crossed word during their career. Remarkable.

    Corbett tells the story of a few of the classic sketches and prints one of his monologues in its entirety (despite appearances, they were very tightly scripted).

    Here’s another favourite sketch:

    Now I’m feeling Christmassy…


  2. Solid gold…


  3. Mark,

    I DID read that book yes. I am a huge fan of theirs. Thanks for the extra clip as well. I love YouTube for these sorts of things . . . . could amuse myself all day. Cheers and have a good Christmas.


  4. I interviewed the mother of Ronnie Barker in Cambridge once, I came across her when I was out off-diary and had to come back with a notebook full of stories. I went to her house and she had a pic of her son on the TV. They were identical, could have been twins.

    Have a great Christmas David.


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