Davos Impressions

I was going to post my initial thoughts on issues emerging from Davos, but as there are many of those posts around I will reproduce my twitter posts which, on reading them back are more ‘in the moment’. I have corrected my thumb-typing spelling mistakes though:

“America has saved Europe and the world 3 times at great expense and never asked for anything back”: Rupert Murdoch, Davos

“We are involved in FIGHTING 21st century networked terrorism”

“Incitement to murder is a crime whether it happens on the internet or on the street”: David Cameron; Davos

“There’s an explosion in extremist media”: panel speaker at Davos

“80 pc of recruits for global jihad come through the internet”: David Cameron, Davos

“Corruption is the second oldest profession in the world”: SAP

“Corruption is like an epidemic that grows in the dark

“Corruption is like a double taxation on the poor”: Transparency International

“5 pc of world GDP lost to corruption”: Davos

There are seven sessions on water at Davos this year. The new big issue……

“There is no substitute for water”

“Every litre of oil produced uses 2.5 litres of water”

“70 to 90 % of water is used by agriculture”….so you eat much more water than you drink

“Lake Superior now 2.5 feet lower than should be”: Fred Krup, Env Defence

“As the global economy grows, so does its thirst”: UN

“People dont like us but they want our money”: Head of Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund

“We’re trying to solve 21st century problems through 20th century institutions”: CEO of Infosys

“Don’t sow the seeds for the next crisis by the way you solve this one”: Davos

“We need a new sheriff to police global financial markets”: George Soros

“81 per cent of Davos CEOs think sovereign wealth funds, private equity and hedge funds are the new power brokers”

“The euro is the new dollar”

“60 pc of davos ceos think that central banks have lost control: Buckle up!”

This place is knee deep in bloggers including Jeff Jarvis , Robert Scoble in a suit and Loic Le Muir as you would expect.

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2 thoughts on “Davos Impressions

  1. Does Murdoch mean America has saved Europe financially or in a time of war?

    If he means war then I know of only one time and that was WWII. And let’s be honest, if the Germans had conquered us and the rest of Europe then there was a good chance the Americans were beat too.

    So America joining WWII (fairly late) wasn’t acting entirely in Europe’s interests.


  2. I think both. WW1 financially. WW2 financially and miliatrily and probably he is arguing the cold war too…..maybe we should ask him


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