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It’s late and I am back in my hotel room after a very long, but very good day. This evening in Moscow we announced our acquisition of Imageland, Russia’s number one agency and number three in Ukraine. It’s been a long haul on this one, but this deal means that Edelman now has an owned presence in All the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries….the only network to do so.

We have also got some pretty great colleagues who do fabulous work . . . and I am really excited about their mobile capabilites. They do great SMS campaigns and have a real understanding of that area. Our social release is here, and the long version below:


Edelman, the world’s largest independent public relations firm, announced today that it is acquiring 70% of Imageland Russia and 50% of Imageland Ukraine, two of the largest PR firms in their respective markets and long-term Edelman affiliates. Terms of the deal, which is expected to close by May 1st, were not disclosed.

“We’ve always considered Russia high among our priorities and that’s why we’ve partnered with Veronica Moiseeva’s Imageland agency for the last ten years. Imageland provides us, and our clients with access to the services of the largest and most sophisticated, creative, and full-service communications firms in Russia, an important developing economy,” comments Richard Edelman, President & CEO, Edelman.

“The Ukrainian economy is developing fast and so the opportunity to be the first global PR presence there is also very exciting. Our global clients have been looking for support from us in both these markets and we’re happy we can now provide that from an Edelman-owned office;” he added.

Veronica Moiseeva founded Imageland in 1991, and the business has grown to become Russia’s largest PR firm. With more than 80 professionals in Moscow and St Petersburg and 20 in Kiev (where an office was opened in 2004), the firm earned more than $6M in revenue in 2007, supporting clients such as City of Moscow, DHL, Evrocement, Roche and several Russian federal departments. Imageland provides excellence across a number of communications services including health and consumer marketing and corporate reputation, and is a pioneer in digital services, which matches one of Edelman’s areas of excellence. The firm has been increasingly integrated with Edelman: participates in in-house training programs; has a number of employees working in Edelman offices; and currently supports several of Edelman’s global client relationships, including Abbott, AstraZeneca, Microsoft, Pfizer.

Veronica Moiseeva said: “Our decision to join with Edelman is all about extending our global reach, adding new services and practices for our clients and giving our people more opportunities for growth. At the same time we will help Edelman support leading Russian and Ukrainian companies around the world. It is an outstanding fit for us, both strategically and culturally and like Edelman, we have prized our independence very highly. We share the same vision, commitment to innovation, client service and quality as well as passion for results.”

“We have a strong relationship with Imageland and have worked with Veronica Moiseeva and her team for years. We’re a perfect fit. They are strategic, entrepreneurial and creative colleagues, qualities typified by their early adoption of digital communications techniques. They think like we think, and we’re excited that they’re formally joining our family,” said David Brain, Edelman’s European CEO.

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23 thoughts on “Edelman Imageland Russia and Ukraine

  1. Поздравляю вас!

    (‘I congratulate you’ in Russian)


  2. Crazyman! Imageland – just a bad brand, not even a company or agency.


  3. Atstskey Peyarscheg January 29, 2008 — 3:27 pm

    David, why did you reject my comment? What about freedom of speech?;)

    Why don’t you answer, how much did Edelman paid for the Imageland? Have you really paid $8-15m for this dying agency that had completely dicredited itself? Why don’t admit that you have paid for a dead horse?

    Why are you afraid of this blogpost:




  4. David! My congratulations!
    I have been working for Imageland for 6 months as an assistant. I m final-year student of PR department at MGIMO (Moscow State University for Foreign Relations), that is University №1 (according to all ratings) for getting education in PR in Russia (it won’t be exaggeration to say that Russian PR elite consists mainly of our graduates). So I have chosen Imageland for starting my career, and I think it was the best choice. I am happy and proud to work here with all these highly professional and friendly people.
    It was so exiting to listen to you and Richard yesterday, you know how to encourage and motivate people 🙂 (I mean Richard’s words about trying new things and «If you are afraid to fail you will never win»). I believe that this alliance will give us (Imageland team) great possibilities in broadening our professional horizons and getting new friends all over the world.
    Thank you!


  5. Congratulations to you and your colleagues in Russia!


  6. Dear Sirs,

    On behalf of FMCG Dept. let me congratulate you with the deal!
    It’s great to feel that at last we’ve become the legal part of one of the leading PR networks in the world. We really appreciate the opportunity to participate in Edelman Universiry cause it’ll be a unique chance for us to learn more from international PR practice and thus broaden our professional skills.
    With such a partner we’ll never be afraid to fail 🙂


  7. Dear David, my congratulations. Although I represent a competitive PR Agency, Imageland is definitely A Brand. I know people from Imageland top-management team, they are really good professionals. I think that with acquisition of Imageland Edelman will get a strong brand, wide experience and respectful clientele. Hope, you’ll use all of it wisely 🙂


  8. Dear David, there are rumours in the market that Imageland is dying and you are late to buy it. However it is not true. Your investment in one of the top Russian agencies (what ever legacy and reputation they have, their top position in the market is undoubtful) both timely and profitable. First of all you receive a team of people with deep local knowledge and experience. Secondly, you receive on-going projects and product portfolio as well as potential new clients that are now being developped.
    On the other hand, Edelman will bring to Imageland best western practices and standards, the lack of which is typical for Russian agencies. I think its a good challenge for you as a manager and your team to transform Imageland into the high-class, ‘elite’ agency. All the best!


  9. Hi David

    Congratulations on Edelman-Imageland deal!

    I’m working for Swedish bank in Russia and would say that Imageland is a good professional Agency with long history in the market

    I personally know and used to work with some people from their management team and really believe that they will contribute a lot into Edelman network.


  10. Congratulations! I have been working with Imageland for 2 years and I have an experience with other PR agencies as well. I have to admit that Imageland has alwyas performed by far more professional and committed. I truly believe that this M&A ends up to the creation of completely new company in the market that is fueled by the most updated PR technologies and western practices, significant experience and network. Well done and good luck.


  11. Atstskey Peyarscheg January 30, 2008 — 1:13 pm


    You must have known the difference between good PR and bad PR 😉

    Last comments are just a great example of the stupidity of the agency you’ve just bought.

    It’s not even a bad PR – it’s a helpless PR.




  12. My congrats and many thanx for the amaizing opportunity to touch experts of PR and communication.
    Heading a pharmaceutical dep for almost a year, this was amongst the most remarkable events through whole my life here!
    and i really like my future 🙂
    hope our cooperation and integrity leads to new worldwide friends and opportunities to work in teams of other officies


  13. Dear Atskskey,

    thanks for your comment. Not sure what comment I rejected? We don’t tend to reveal how much we pay for businesses..fortunately we are a private company and don’t have to. As for them being a dead horse, I have worked with them for 4 years now and they seem pretty lively to me.


  14. Dear Lilly,

    thanks for your comment and I look forward to working with you. See you again in the next few weeks.


  15. Thanks Alex,

    Anna, next time I am there lets talk about the training programme.

    Anna Kann, thank you for these kind words. Russia is a very exciting market for PR and I know we face strong competition.

    Lidia, they are a great bunch and I am very happy we are now part of the same firm. Good luck with your banking PR job.

    Alia, you are right. We are hoping that the combination of their market skilss and our approach pays off.

    Elena, I’m glad you think this way. Lets see what the future brings. Exciting times.

    Thanks Vadim Vasiliev .

    Damir. The number one health PR company in the world just joined forces with the number one in Russia. Got to be great for both. See you soon.


  16. Hi David,

    congratulations. I personally know many people from Imageland’s top management. They are really good.


  17. David, I hope we`ll see you in Moscow again soon! It was great to meet you here!


  18. Guzel Yakhina,

    Thanks for syaing so. i too think they are great.

    Dmitry . . . I’ll be back pretty soon i think.


  19. David, congratulations!!!
    I’ve been working with Imageland more than a year. During this time we faced a lot of chaleenges and hard tasks. Client service problems solving and overnight crisis management taught me to be always ready for hard working and competetive surrounding. I really appreciate the new goals and challenges we face with the start of integration process. we believe that an opportunity to obtain new marcom techs and all new things appearing in the pr world are my own victory and chance to increase my value. Hope the process won’t be too long and we’ll soon make a new step.


  20. HeleneZ
    i look forwadr to it also. We have a number of people arriving in the next few weeks to get to know you guys a bit better and show you what we do. But as I said when I was there the other day, we too are keen to pick up hints and tips from your work.


  21. Wow, they really did it. They bought a dying horse, so they will need a good crisis PR team in Russia.


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