Trust in Poland

I presented the Trust Study in Poland yesterday (I can chant the damn thing in my sleep by now). Here are the main points:

  • Poland has the lowest trust in government of any country surveyed – – but this was because we did our survey just BEFORE the last elections which removed the unpopular government that was responsible for this score
  • Business is the top-ranked institution in Poland
  • Significant decreases in trust in institutions over the past year: media, NGOs and religious institutions
  • Significant increases in the credibility of articles in newspapers, articles in business magazines, news coverage on the radio, and company websites over the past year – which is odd given decrease in trust in media generally as noted above
  • Polish opinion elites consider radio news coverage and corporate advertising to be less credible than do opinion elites in any country surveyed; at the same time they consider social networking sites to be more credible than do opinion elites in any other country surveyed
  • Polish opinion elites give the lowest credibility scores of any countries surveyed to doctors/healthcare specialists

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