Coming to a tube near you

Hat tip to Mark Borkowski for this Michael Jackson Thriller routine on a London tube.

Which reminded me of this one a few months ago . . .

And of course, who could forget this nutter?

Frankly as a regular tube user I am disappointed not to have witnessed some sort of ‘consumer generated artistic expression’ by now. I always carry my trusty little Moto with its brilliant video camera and so aspirants please look to use the Northern Line (Charing Cross Branch) most weekday mornings at around 7.30 am anywhere between Clapham South and Leicester Square.

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4 thoughts on “Coming to a tube near you

  1. I saw a girl do a pole dance on the tube once. I kid you not. American she was…and suddenly told everyone that she’d been having pole dancing lessons and would like to give us a demo. It was great.


  2. Brilliant….thats why we always need a video on our phones


  3. If we received that kinda service here in SF let alone the US, I wouldn’t mind the delays. Nice.


  4. What really amazes me on the first video is that people are actually clapping at the end. We always assume that as Londoners we are dettached and nothing impresses us any more but it seems that well-performed art still gets a reaction.

    If you capture any more can’t wait to see ’em.


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