How to get ahead in advertising

If you think this is a mere parody of the admen of a time gone by, you should be in some of the meetings I’ve been in lately.

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5 thoughts on “How to get ahead in advertising

  1. Genius! Sneaky little “hp print it” david!


  2. Cowing that planner – rather like some meetings I’ve been in recently..


  3. well spotted Paul…..handy little widget you can download mate


  4. I’ve sent to my brother-in-law who is a big bod suit at Oglivy. I suspect I’m off the Christmas lunch list in Surrey. If this wasn’t enough to have me excluded, please send more.


  5. @paul – just wondering now if there is anything I can alienate my mother in law with which will have the same effect!

    @david – methinks I’ll have a look at that!


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