What the f**k is social media?

Really nice deck with useful stats from Marta Kagan.

Hat tip Paul Fabretti and Drew B

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9 thoughts on “What the f**k is social media?

  1. Interesting that they included the “social networking sites are officially more popular than porn sites” fact. I argued that this is most likely due to the fact that porn penetrates social networking sites and that the notion of the internet being compartmentalized into “porn over here” and “networking over here” is, to put it bluntly, silly.

    My post from 2007 on this: http://www.shakewellbeforeuse.com/2007/04/porn_losing_the_popularity_con.php


  2. I love what Kara has done – when you look at the sources she has used for the presentation, she has clearly taken a LOT of time building the case for social media.

    The McCann document alone is a “mother” of a document!


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  4. Ariel you were on to the collision of sex and social well ahead of the rest of us. Not sure any categorisation holds much water now though.


  5. From what I have seen and heard of the “dark” side of the web, I would still absolutely argue that there is a definite split between “proper” porn and social networking.

    “Proper” porn typically pushes the technological boundaries because it is favoured/used by many of the kind of people who are into it. Social networks, where the ultimate objective may be to get some action, there is rarely visible in anything like the same way.

    Sure, there has always been an element of smut in social networks, but with big business looking for returns out of social networks, I would imagine they are desperately trying to keep this stuff out of their social network.


  6. @Paul – I have to then provide the most obvious example here:

    Second Life

    SL embraces the community that they are – from advertisers to “porn”, and businesses flocked to it exponentially.


  7. @Ariel as a Second Life dabbler rather than user, I would have to take your word for it on that front.

    Great post though, so thanks for the link.



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