Why Crowd Surfing?

I have been asked a couple of times now why the name Crowd Surfing for the book? It was a simple analogy obviously. I liked it because (as seen in so many of these clips) it reminded me of moments when ‘stars’ (read brands or companies . . some of them still think they are of course) started coming down from their stages and giving themsleves up to the audience. A star on a stage is remote and interaction is minimal (screaming, singing and clapping are not really that interactive). But once they leap they have to trust the crowd to pass them around and then back to the stage and of course they risk being dumped on their heads (still looking for those videos by the way). And taking the leap is, I imagine, a bit of an act of faith. And we were interested in how companies and organisations(with all their command and control training) cope with having to work within the fuzzy realms of things like faith and influence and relationship. That was it really. Doesn’t bear too much scrutiny does it… it’s just a title damn it! And the first person I ever saw Crowd Surf was Peter Gabriel in concert in Liverpool in about 1980 by the way (yep I am that old).

Of course, advanced Crowd Surfers can do it in a boat.

…or a ball, but I think this is cheating

….and musical genre is not a restriction

Pre-orders here still.

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