Help Wanted

Edelman Digital (incorporating the brilliant Spook Media) in London is looking for help. If you want to join a team of 30 with deep creative and technical build-out skills in addition to the usual social conversation consulting skill sets, then this is the place for you. No other major PR agency has been doing this as long as us and has invested like we have. Unlike most PR firms, with us you won’t just be “that blogger person who knows about Facebook-type stuff”, who gets called in at the last minute to help out PR teams who basically don’t get it and don’t care. This is the most digital of PR agencies throughout all its practices, but in Edelman Digital you will also be part of a real business with big clients of its own. Edelman Digital is digital roster agency for some big global brands like Jeep. We can design, code, build, search, evaluate and get great stuff done. It’s a business going places and a great place to build your career. Anyone interested should Twitter Marshall Manson.

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