My three inspirational communicators

I just got tagged by James Barbour to name my three most inspirational communicators, a meme started by Andrew Wake. I have no criteria for these three that makes much sense other than ‘greatness’ in fields that interest me.

1.Winston Churchill.

A short exert from one of his many speeches that still make me tingle.

2. Bill Shankley

I don’t even support Liverpool and I still think this guy was the greatest in football.


This is the best speech I have heard in years on a universally important subject – race.

And in the tradition of these things I have to tag three people to do the same. So let’s see who Colin Byrne, Amelia Torode and Stephen Locke rate.

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3 thoughts on “My three inspirational communicators

  1. Ohhhhh – pressure!

    Let me get my thinking cap on….


  2. Oh Crumbs. I will ponder them as I sit by the pool this afternoon…

    You’re really inspired by Obama? Gosh. Oh well. Sadly (as I don’t want him to win) I am in danger of winning quite a lot of money if the geriatric and his lipstick-on-a-pitbull sidekick win as I fear they will…


  3. Stephen,

    on the lipstick brigade you may be right, but (as you can see in the chapter on it in my book . . . ) Obama has used pretty amazing comms techniques to get where he is and then to ide the cake, can deliver a speech as powerful as this one


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