Hugh MacLeod’s Edelman ad

Some time ago I was chatting with Hugh MacLeod about how we might do a non corporate-style corporate ad for Edelman (even PR firms are forced to advertise sometimes by industry publications). He instantly produced this and posted about it. We tweaked it with him so it was more about us here in Europe and this is the final result. What do you think? We love it. Thanks Hugh.

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14 thoughts on “Hugh MacLeod’s Edelman ad

  1. The anti-ad!

    Love it David. Remember seeing it on Hugh’s blog some time ago and thinking how good it was.

    Love how it incorporates a variety of messages without actually “telling” you what it’s about.

    Just need to get Hugh to do one for me now…


  2. I like it. Good job. I am glad to see you guys did something non traditional and used an artist like Hugh. His pieces are great and true works of art.



  3. Awesome collaboration, I like the way you guys chose to sincerely tread the ironic line between irony and sincerity.


  4. So where will we see it in print?


  5. love it – assume lithos will follow? 🙂


  6. There needs to be some posters made of it! Brilliant!!


  7. Thanks Paul

    Rodney…at the end of the day his take on us was always going to be more interesting than our own. Thanks for comment.

    Henry. Thanks. Sinceerely.

    Rebecca. The Paul Holmes European Consultancy Report Card

    Steve/Jas Good idea. Will let you know when we have some done.


  8. Love “continuity v. passion: the debate continues.”


  9. Absolutely great!


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