Beckham is a PR genius . . .

. . . or very well advised. Not an easy thing for lifelong City fan to say (they are a client too…I love my job). But last night’s ‘impulse’ gesture to pick up the green and gold scarf of the anti-Glazer fans was just that. Even though he is distancing himself from the ownership debate this morning, a picture paints a thousand words. And the picture on the front of the Times (not just the sports pages mind you) and all over the other papers is Beckham in the colours of the fans. So why get involved, other than to make sure your picture is in the papers rather than Rooney’s? Call my cynic but if you assume he is looking hard now at what he does after he stops playing, which could be after the summer or one last season in the US, his thoughts may be straying back to Manchester (even if Posh’s are not). The Glazers don’t look like they will be there for ever and Fergie has to stop soon……so if you fancied a Manchester United ambassador role in the future (ala Bobby Charlton), why not embellish your steller playing record and your global brand recognition with a bit of gritty ‘man-of-the-people’ stuff by picking up the symbol of democratic fan rebellion? I thought he played very well on the field last night, but his best move was off it.

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2 thoughts on “Beckham is a PR genius . . .

  1. I’d been thinking similar thoughts myself. Only with Beckham could a team thrash AC Milan and all the headlines then be about a man wearing scarf!

    But not sure I agree he had an eye on a future role at Man Utd. He has an eye for PR and he certainly knew the fans would love it, but I think it was more to do with personal popularity than employment prospects when he retires.


  2. You could be right PaulieA – is that what i call you? I did say I was being cynical but there again, not much he does is left to chance.


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