The state of the internet

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from JESS3 on Vimeo.

Top tip….play on mute as soundtrack is deeply annoying. Hat tip Andy Lark

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2 thoughts on “The state of the internet

  1. Hey David,

    Fun find and nice round up of stats. Certainly useful to share with my public relations class in order to demonstrate that there are many ways to reach people.

    I might add, though, as you said, muting the audio is critical. It’s unwatchable otherwise.



  2. The internet, ok google and others, do have remarkable powers to influence and drive decisions.

    Take this simple example of “jiggery pokery”…

    Click on this link and read the adverts at the bottom – Google creates and places these on the basis of the words it finds on the page – the web site owner is not involved at all in selecting the adverts.


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